Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Street and Nye 2010-06-30

Trail is easy to follow but muddy. Indian Pass Brook had to be forded. Summits are wooded but lookouts provide good views to the east and south. Seven hours to complete the hike.

Cool (high 50's). Variably cloudy with scattered showers.

Good; able to see Marcy and the Great Range from Street.

Probably one of the most pleasant of the 'trailless' peaks I've hiked so far (Street and Nye bring the tally to 39). The herd path is well defined and very easy to follow. It follows a brook for most of its length. There are many muddy patches. 

The unseasonably cool weather (15 C, 59 F at the Loj) made it a joy to hike the trail (i.e. heavy air-conditioning). A few raindrops fell as I descended Street but I managed to avoid the heavy downpour that fell later in the day.

I couldn't find a way to safely rock-hop across Indian Pass Brook so I forded it. Hiking poles were essential because the bottom is very slippery and uneven (i.e. rocks; not sand). The water is very cold but is welcome when you ford it on the return trip.

There's old blowdown in the upper reaches of the path but is not a significant impediment. Most of the branches appear to have been removed (thanks Pete Hickey) and you either need to climb over or limbo under the logs. Shortly before the summit of Nye (wooded) there's a large rock with a good view of the MacIntyre range (i.e. lunch spot). The summit has a few faint paths that lead to views towards the north and east. I couldn't find a good view of the west other than by climbing up onto downed trees near the summit sign. 

Street is also wooded but has two good lookouts that provide great views of the MacIntyre range, Wallface, and the Santanoni range in the south. Marcy is visible in the distance, between Wright and Algonquin, and you can also see Basin in the Great Range.