Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marshall 2012-03-04

Great snow conditions, mild weather, and excellent company guaranteed an enjoyable hike up Marshall

Notable notes:
  • Path was broken and firmly packed yet dusted with enough fresh snow to allow for boot/butt-sliding. We µspiked the entire route.
  • The soles of my feet were numb for 90 minutes. Definitely something wrong with my electrical system.
  • Pete Hickey will be pleased to hear that winter hikers have chosen to cross Calamity Pond rather than skirt it via the summer route. 
  • Crossing Flowed Lands is far more scenic than the summer route (and much faster).
  • Lots of deep, unconsolidated snow off-trail. I'll borrow a term I learned: Snow up to your Adam's Apples.
  • We 'highlighted' the route; lots of samples for urinalysis.
  • I got ski-envy watching Neil zip effortlessly down the slope. More gear to explore.
  • Sunshine greeted us upon our return to Upper Works. Better late than never.
Beach-combing on Marshall.
Cheers to Neil, Alistair, Zack (ADKZ), and Michael (CommissionPoint). Thanks for a great day!


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