Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dix Range Traverse. 2014-02-23

Sunday, February 23, 2014

On Sunday, I joined Neil and Joe (JoeCedar) for a traverse of the Dix Range. We started at Round Pond at 6:45 AM and finished at the North Fork Boquet (highway 73) 10.5 hours later.

Nearing the summit of Dix, we met RidgeRunner and on the summit Justine (VeggieLasagna) joined our team.

The weather cooperated throughout the day and only the summits were chilly owing to strong winds.

Thanks go to Rik, Inge, Blackbear, Carl, and all others who participated in breaking out the herd-paths the previous day. Navigation was a given.

East of South Dix, we met Kerry who informed us the second crossing of the North Fork Boquet presented a problem. She had to double-back and stamp out a new route along the south side of the river all the way to Lillypad Pond.

On Grace, we congratulated Joe for completing his fifth consecutive Single-Season Winter 46!

Nearing Lillypad Pond, we followed Kerry's path and, with a little extra trail-breaking, connected with the south-side herd path. Some rock-hopping along the river was required.

Neil, hiking his sixth straight day, was in good spirits and, although professing to move no faster than a sustainable "ten-day pace", hiked at a quick clip throughout the day.

Crossing Round Pond at sunrise.

Best seat in the house.

Nature's Swarosvski crystal.

On top o' the world, Ma!


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Summit of Dix.

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