Saturday, November 15, 2014

Esther Whiteface and Porter Cascade. 2014-11-15

"A Day in Two Parts" by Esther Whiteface and Porter Cascade.

Part One: Esther and Whiteface
  • Slept in; started around 9:00 AM.
  • Sunny day. About -6C (21F) at the ASRC and -10C (14F) at the summit.
  • Icy; no mud.
  • Seems like everyone wore microspikes except for those who lost them along the way.
  • As a challenge, hiked to Esther without microspikes.
  • Wore microspikes for the balance of the hike.
  • Caught a microspike on a root and did a face-plant; injured my pride.
  • Broke another trekking pole (unrelated to face-plant).
  • Very hard ice above the Wilmington Bend. Had trouble getting microspikes to grip during the descent.
  • Hike stats: 10.2 miles, 4000 feet.
  • Trip time: 4h 35m

Part Two: Porter and Cascade
  • Left after 2:00 PM; two of three parking areas were full.
  • Met lots of people descending.
  • Trail was thoroughly 'tenderized' by hiker traffic.
  • Tagged Porter and was treated to a view of snow flurries on Algonquin.
  • Cascade was darn cold; -14C (7F) and windy.
  • Saw someone's pack at the junction; I wasn't the last to summit.
  • Fun walking on deserted trail at dusk.
  • Headlamp came in handy 45 minutes after sunset.
  • Hike stats: 6.2 miles, 2300 feet.
  • Trip time: 3h 2m

Sum of the parts: 16.4 miles, 6300 feet, and 7.5 hours of hiking fun.

Breezy day on Whiteface.

More guests on the summit.

Snow clouds obscure the approaching sunset.

Beautiful but darn windy and cold.


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