Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My 1st Single-Season Winter 46. 2014-03-18

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Esther and Whiteface

I completed my first winter round, in March of 2013. It took me three winter seasons and I thought I'd never do it again let alone in a single winter season. "A single-season Winter 46? No way! It'll feel like 'work', not fun!" I never planned to do a "SSW46" but my involvement in two activities drew me in.

In the fall of 2013, and winter of this year, I had accompanied Neil on several of his "training hikes". They prepared me, mentally and physically, for challenging hikes involving greater distance and elevation gain. His successful completion of his "Project 46
fund-raiser also served to inspire me to simply 'try harder'. I rarely ever hiked two or three days in a row in winter but now I felt I could. I had also accompanied Brian (Pathgrinder) in his quest to complete his first Winter 46 round. He had joined me during my first winter round and it was a pleasure to return the favor.

By late February, mostly by virtue of accompanying others to complete their objectives, I had visited 28 peaks. It dawned on me that, with a little extra effort, I could visit the balance before winter's end. By the time of the ADK HP Foundation's Winter Gathering, serendipity was replaced by planning and I was now on a mission.

On Tuesday, March 18th, on a windless bluebird day, I sat atop Whiteface and celebrated my 46th peak of the season. I had the summit to myself and spent nearly an hour enjoying the ideal weather, the incomparable views, the solitude, and the occasional "cruk" of soaring ravens. It was a fitting end to one challenge and the inspiration to seek another.

Picture-perfect day.


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Peaks and People

2013-12-28 Donaldson, Emmons, Seward; Pathgrinder, Sam
2014-01-25 Marshall, Cliff; Pathgrinder, Sam
2014-01-26 Cascade, Porter; Solo
2014-01-31 Wright, Algonquin, Iroquois, Colden, Tabletop, Phelps; Neil, Topofgothics
2014-02-08 Couchsachraga, Panther, Santanoni; Doru
2014-02-13 Basin, Saddleback; Neil
2014-02-16 Allen; Pathgrinder, Doru
2014-02-22 Redfield, Gray, Skylight, Marcy; Pathgrinder
2014-02-23 Dix, Hough, Macomb, South Dix, East Dix; Neil, JoeCedar, VeggieLasagna
2014-02-28 Giant, Rocky Peak Ridge; Solo
2014-03-01 Sawteeth, Gothics, Armstrong, Upper Wolfjaw, Lower Wolfjaw; Solo
2014-03-02 Street, Nye; Solo
2014-03-07 Dial, Nippletop, Colvin, Blake; Solo
2014-03-08 Seymour; Solo
2014-03-09 Haystack, Big Slide; Pathgrinder, Sam
2014-03-18 Esther, Whiteface; Solo

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